⏩ We can do business consulting with product management mindset ⏩ We can train your product team with workshops, trainings, mentoring, or even recruit them if you need good product people ⏩ We can be hands-on if you want to hire an interim product manager or head of product management from us write us an email

📊 Finding a good product manager is hard

<aside> ☝🏻 The product manager is one of the most impactful job roles in an organization, with significant influence on both business and technology.


<aside> 📈 There are 50,000+ permanent product manager job openings in the US, and only the top 20% of these will be filled within an [avg. 30-45 days](https://280group.com/product-management-blog/product-management-recruiting-6-tips-to-accelerate-the-process/#:~:text=For the fortunate 20%25 that,from 30 to 45 days.). For the rest, depending on seniority level, skills and experience there’s months long search for the right candidate, 42% of whom will leave the company in 1-2 years. In the meantime your business won’t run itself, and it can have an unfortunate impact on revenue, morale and technology if you don’t have the right person present.


<aside> 💡 There is a growing demand for interim product managers, and product management leaders. These highly skilled professionals are on the job for several years, and have seen enough to ramp up fast, align culturally, pick-up domain specific knowledge, understand business needs, and deliver meaningful outcome.


🌇 Our story

We are a global team of product managers and product management leaders, based in the EU and the US. We’ve seen a lot. We’ve been part of great successes and epic failures.

In the past 15+ years we spent time at start-ups, scale-ups, we saw acquisitions and know how technology giants work.

At one point in our careers we decided that it’s time to share our knowledge beyond a single employer. We funded the MVP company so any organization is able to unlock our industry expertise.

👩🏽‍🚀 Our mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with a better way of managing and developing their products.

We will help identify and eliminate the product management related knowledge deficit in an organization.

Partnering with us you will get our time, full attention, and product management expertise. We are focused on product teams of scale-ups, medium sized companies, and start-ups working with them across the entire product development cycle, and on organizational development.

🥸 This is us

We are passionate for quality. We can be super hands-on, or elevate the conversation to the strategy level according to what’s needed. We’re all for effectiveness and productivity. We are familiar with diverse multicultural environments, onsite or remote, working with cross-functional teams from engineers, to designers, to executive leadership groups. Meet the team.

Who we are

We are constantly looking for product managers to join our team, part- or full time. Drop us a line, and tell us what would motivate you, we’ll get in touch!

⚾️ Our solutions

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